Elysium and Tartarus

Kivi Lydia Vito
Kivi Lydia Vito
Lydia is The Indegenous's Editor and Public Relations Associate. She has a strong desire to be a voice and advocate for indigenous people and communities on social issues.‍
In consideration of climate change and other environmental concerns, I thought it would be interesting to write a concurrent analysis of how the gods of the ancient Greek world may have existed in the modern world in a twist of contemporary poetry.

As climate change progresses, the damage is amassing.

Factories, cars spew smoke, icecaps melt, and sea levels rise.

This is not a metamorphosis; it is the murder of Gaia.

The gods of Olympus grieve, they have abandoned us,

The clay figures have built a Tartarus on what was once Elysium;

Neither Prometheus nor Athena could have predicted this.

Inside Earths cocoon;

Do not lay oblivious under the home of a thousand stars

They will soon be raining down on us.

Atlas chokes on industrial waste and gas.

He can no longer hold the sky.

Ozone holes forms above him.

Burning his skin with oxides, methane, and dioxide.

What was once pastures of green now lay brown under Demeter’s feet.

Whilst birds fly overhead, singing songs of lost homes,

Loud thumps of fallen trees are echoed;

Accompanied by the whispers of aberrant machinery.

Inside Earths cocoon;

Do not pretend you cannot hear the cries of flora and faunas,

They will soon cease to exist

Zeus no longer controls the storms and sky.

The cards have been dealt and folded.

Is this "The day after tomorrow"?

A catastrophic, calamitic disaster caused by human greed?

Poseidon swims through polluted water,

his neck entangled with plastic.

He flees Atlantis, yet his tears cannot save the marines'

Inside earths cocoon;

Do not hide under the soft covers made of slaughtered sheep,

Raise your Thunberg.