We the Indigenous

Over 500 million of us on the planet and yet our voices, customs and languages are becoming extinct. We are either exotic or uncivilized to the "Western gaze". It's time to change that. It is time that our stories, traditions and values get a space in the global conversation. 
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Zeliang Naga Man shot at Ziro Music Festival
We are building a space for indigenous peoples to express themselves. 

What we do

We represent indigenous peoples and our organisations at international level by bringing the voices of indigenous communities through public consultations, consensus gathering. 
Capacity Building
Indigenous peoples are invisible from the data and policy ecosystems. We are changing that, by conducting research on indigenous populations across the world. 
Knowledge Sharing
We believe that the largest voice on indigenous issues and stories should come from indigenous peoples and not from their former colonizers. Read our indigenous peoples blog. We are also developing an online library.
Garba woman from Kenya
khiamniungan women collaborating together

Join the world’s first global indigenous network

Our mission is to reduce inequalities for indigenous peoples through youth participation in access to participate in an autonomous way in the formal economy, enjoy access to justice, and participate in political processes and decision making.