Supporting young indigenous writers

Ink The Genius was an inter school competition hosted in November 2021 in partnership with Axel Public School, Guwahati. The writing competition was designed to support young writers between 13 and 18 years to take their passion to the next level.

Over 600 entries were submitted by high school students from North East India to throw their hat in the ring. 

Meet the winners and finalists

The best stories will be compiled into a digital book to celebrate the creative impulses of our indigenous youth.  Meet the incredible individuals selected as the inaugural finalists for Ink The Genius. After a tough call and search for the most creative stories, we are proud to present the first-ever cohort of Ink the Genius finalists.

Each of our Winners will receive a prize money, a one-of-a-kind Winners certificate , and a global network of professional and technical support.

Together these stories represent the diversity of North East India. By being able to share stories that matter to YOU, indigenous youth, we hope to make a real difference in your lives. All of our inaugural Prize Finalists will receive the opportunity to experience the inner workings of The Indegenous through an invitation to work for us. 

Judge's Choice

Mridusmita Dutta is a student of Hindustan Kendriya Vidyalaya and wrote the story titled "The Matrilineal Tribe." Her story is about the expression of hope for young women in India who face brutal crimes against women by following the story of a single mother from Haryana. The story expresses intersectionality and celebrates diversity while seamlessly traversing painful topics such as divorce, patriarchy and infanticide.  Meera travels to the North Eastern state of Meghalaya where she discovers matrilineal societies and alternative models of social structures. 

Read her story

People's Choice

Leimei Wangnao is a student from Delhi Public School Dimapur. Her story is titled "My brother and I". Hailing from the Konyak tribe of Nagaland, Lemei's story feels personal. She takes us through a journey of being the daughter of a Konyak chief and the responsibilities that come with it. The interpersonal relationships between various hierarchies of an elusive headhunting tribe, Lemei evokes a range of emotions. Her story won the people's prize with enormous support from the proud peoples of Nagaland and North East India. 

lemei wangnao

Second Prize

Sahiluddin Ahmed is a student from Miles Bronson Residential School. His story is titled "The Land of Dreams". He incorporates traditional Bodo tribe tales, words and rituals into his story while weaving through time-space. The central character Rimrim takes the reader on a fantastical journey; combining elements of life in rural Assam with an imaginary world with joie de vivre


sahiluddin ahmed

Bronze Prize Winners

Gayatri Bhuyan
Pride in our Culture
Gracy Maibangsa
Dimasa: son of the big river
Anmol Yonzon
Tashi Namghyal
Priyanka Rai
A heavenly Gyathuk
Clar-et Ronghanpi
A day in the life of a Karbi
Kuhelika Kutum
Illicit Love
Prarun Hazarika Lyndem
The clouds in the hills
Sneha Boro
Glimpse into our past
Wangseng Lowang
The bird who could predict
Swayam Nath
The Catacombs of Honour