The Unfinished Treasure: A Dimasa Folkore

Gracy Maibangsa
Gracy Maibangsa
17 year old Dimasa from Assam sharing the knowledge of my community. 

Maibang [mai means rice, and bang means a lot] is a town and a town area committee in Assam's Dima Hasao district. It is located on the Mahur River's bank in a steep location. Maibang is also one of Dima Hasao District's three subdivisions.

It was formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Dimasa Kachari, and the King of Dimasa still lives in a stone mansion there.

It was the story ofThe Stone House Of Maibang.’ 

She starts, It was her grandmother who once told her that the capital of the Dimasa kingdom was Dimapur before Maibang.  But the Dimasa tribe were compelled to relocate to Maibang after an invasion by the Ahom kingdom.

Dimasa was once again attacked by Koches. A deity arrived in the king of Dimasa's dream one night during the fight. The monarch asked the goddess to grant him power so that he could protect his kingdom. The deity told the Dimasa monarch to build a stone house in which he would find a weapon with which to fight the Koches.

However, the goddess placed a condition that the building be built in a single night using only one piece of stone. According to legend, the monarch carried this large stone from the top of a mountain to this location on his back.

He began construction on the home, but the rooster crowed  before daylight.

The King believed he had failed the deity's test and walked out of the house unhappy, abandoning everything. The windows and gate have been removed, but the house is still full with stones on the inside. Following this episode, the Dimasa king was defeated by Koches, according to folklore.