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We believe that knowledge sharing is the only way indigenous peoples can have a say in their own political futures: whether it is about environmental rights, land rights or propagation of their cultures. 

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Knowledge Sharing

Our databases on indigenous populations are intended for researchers and students to work with. We try to be as inclusive as possible in order to shed the light on the cultural representations of populations in different parts of the world. So far, we have uploaded a North East Indian database and the African database on indigenous peoples. 


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Cultural Representation

What better way to engage with the youth than through social media? We actively collaborate with indigenous artists, photographers, explorers and visionaries. 

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North East India Database

On Indigeneous Peoples Day (August 9th 2021), we at the Indegenous are releasing the first ever dataset compiling tribal information such as demographics, languages, food habits and more. 

All for free! We believe knowledge should be easy to find and free for all. 

This dataset has been compiled 100% by indigenous researchers from North East India. Full documentation about how to read the dataset, a discussion about sources and our approach can be found here. 

Ink the Genius

The Indegenous hosted a creative writing competition for high school students in North East India in collaboration with Axel Public School.

Other ways to get involved

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Campus Ambassador Program

Represent your tribe to the Indegenous Community. Become a point of contact in your school or university to advocate for indigenous issues. The Indegenous Ambassador Program is a platform for students who are passionate about indigenous issues to start and run an active club in their school or university. If you are a leader with a keen interest in starting and building a community of curiousity and activism in your school or university, join us.

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