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We are building an inclusive network that takes the voices of your community to the global platform. We want you to be heard at the international level.

The Indegenous is your bridge to global policy makers

Indigenous peoples have only been recognized as a major stakeholder at the United Nations since 2007. We are your medium to get heard.

At The Indegenous, we are determined to work on implementing the solemn assertions that were made in the Declaration on the Rights of Indigeneous Peoples.

Why join The Indegenous network? 

A glance at our membership list suggests multiple benefits. You benefit from The Indegenous's credibility, knowledge base, its convening power, its networking opportunities, and the access it provides to high-level political, economic and social decision making.

In effect, we offer a unique, neutral forum where different interest groups come together to develop a community that carry real weight around the world. By joining, you advance your own cause and add to our collective. 

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How to join

You can apply under one of the following categories: 

Category A:  Indigenous peoples’ organisations - youth, community, regional etc. 

Category B: Non-governmental organisations including academic institutions;

Category C: Affiliates and indigenous individuals;

Benefactor Membership to The Indegenous Network is available at all times of the year. 
Fill out the form to apply under one of the three categories.  Once you are done filling out the form, send it to us at or