Content Writing Internship
Application deadline :
March 11, 2022

The Indegenous is looking for students who wish to gain real-world work experience through a 3 month(s) internship. The internship period will be subject to extension based on performance review. Stay ahead of the crowd and have your first CV shaping experience by joining the community of young leaders like yourself. If you’re a self-starter with tremendous energy and a passion for writing, human rights and indigenous culture, we invite you to send us an application. Don’t forget to send us samples of your writing, blogs, or previous work.


● Currently in college or university working towards a diploma or graduate degree
● Not limited to but preferably from a social science field
● Access to a computer or laptop
● Google Account
● Good internet connection
● Passionate about research, education, and indigenous community and organization

Daily tasks include but are not limited to:

● Working with our social media team to curate captions for posts
● Writing long articles based on research
● Keep yourself updated and read on the current affairs and news related to Indigenous communities
● Write articles and opinion pieces

You are:

● Able to work with different stakeholders
● Able to have a detailed analysis of the work you write, as well as edit and proof-read
● Able to follow SEO research guidelines, experience writing long articles
● Able to have high-level written and verbal communication skills

You will learn:

● Project management, autonomy, research management
● Strategy implementation and performance measurement
● How to work with a team of people that need you to curate and write

In addition to practical skills and valuable life experience, you will also receive a letter of recommendation.
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