As Our Enemies Disappear

Bhavya Tusnial

Born in Jorhat, Assam

Royal Global School, Guwahati

My name is Bhavya Tusnial. I am a student of Royal Global School, Guwahati. I am a keen badminton player and I am a great fan of novels especially science fiction. I love coding and playing various musical instruments. I belong to the Maheshwari community of Rajasthan.

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Bhavya Tusnial

4000 years ago, a group of nomads started their journey to Rangronggre hills & Romopa river. In the middle of the hill there is a beautiful gorge. These nomads were fascinated by this place as they have never come across a place as such.
They settled there as it was an uninhabited place & called it Sembu Notakgre village. Soon these people called themselves as “A Chik '', which is now commonly known as Garo.
Centuries ebbed away & the economic life of A’Chik revolved around the agriculture and farming. It has always been a small tribe from the beginning but they have always had magic in their bold. Many of them from “Chambugang Wa’gi” clan were great spirit warriors, shape shifters, transformed to the power of a wolf, a blessing from Tatara Rabuga. The supreme Deity of the Garo.
The spirit warriors with supernatural power scared off their enemies and protected the tribe. Over time their enemies disappeared, but remained; the blood suckers.
During the course of their daily lives, their leader Kambanda Chisim po kime sensed the sudden weather changes & fast wind blowing from the east. Kambanda became anxious, sensing danger. He knew it was time that the Devil must be deprived of life. The magic in his blood awaked when the blood suckers were near & he could feel it now. He grabbed his sword & rushed out of his cave calling “THE BLOOD SUCKERS HAVE COME FOR US FINALLY. IT'S TIME WE, THE SPIRIT WARRIORS SHOW WHERE OUR LOYALTY LIES BY SERVING AND PROTECTING OUR TRIBE. EVEN IF THAT MEANS MAKING SACRIFICES.”
In the woods the warriors came across the creature that looked like a man but was hard as rock, cold as ice. It had pale skin. Its skin was like marble & sparkled in the sunlight. It was a lot like the Greek God Adonis. It was impossibly beautiful but the only thing that made him look like a Devil was his blood red eyes & his blood covered fangs & the fact that he was surrounded by a pill of dead bodies.
He simply smiles his malicious smile with blood dripping from his mouth & mutters in a honey like voice “They were tasty”.
The Garo warriors scurried towards the Devil with their Sword held high. They could not defeat him.
Half of the population of the Garo Tribe were killed by the Demon in a blink of an eye, but at last the warriors figured a way to kill him: Fire.
The warriors burned his body to pieces until it was nothing but ash.
The following generation were told the tales of bravery of the Spirit warriors & it spread like a wildfire. They lived in fear that the Empausa (Vampire) was not alone & they were right.
A woman belonging to his kind, she was a demon, far more powerful than the one before.
She shouted “Argggggg”.
“I will kill you all” she said as she marched into the main village, uprooting trees & houses. “I will avenge my brother's death by spilling your blood. This place will never be the same or beautiful as it used to be.”
All other spirit warriors were put to death & only one remained was Kambanda. People shouted as the women mercilessly killed children & women. Kambanda thought that this is it. End of the Tribe & made one last strike towards the Devil.
Kambanda’s wife saw that he was losing the battle. She was no magical being, no special power. Except one: Courage.
She sacrifices herself. The smell of fresh bold rushing out of her body as if it needed   air & rushing out of the door. It distracted the demon for just one second but it was long enough for Kambanda to destroy her. His wife saved the Tribe.
The Rongronggre Hills later come to be known as the Garo Hills. It is considered as one of the most serene & calm places by whoever visits it.