Tiya Jaman

Born in Mizoram

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Aizawl

I am 15 years old and I have been residing in Aizawl , Mizoram since the time I was born. My ambition is to become a doctor. I enjoy writing stuffs, reading novels, listening to songs and painting. I also like to occasionally sing . I have been writing ever since I was 9. All thanks to my peers in 2nd standard who enjoyed listening to my fictional stories , complimented it and made me realise that I could actually write something interesting ! I was flooded with requests to produce such more stories . Therefore, it helped me to improvise my writing skills. I also like to partake in debates and youth parliaments.

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Tiya Jaman

A sight of thousands of lace-like butterflies filled the breathtaking views of the Aizawl city.  Rema Khiangte ,on seeing this phenomena from his window, had fallen into a deep tunnel  of nostalgia.  

In the mid 60’s , a village bearer was announcing the arrival of the DC, Mr. Kumar for the  smaller population of the village of Puangpui . Kimi, Lawmi, Tluanga and Rema were on  their way back home from the government high school which was relatively very far. 

They stopped by a waterfall to recollect their breaths. Rema had a crush on Kimi , which made  him try his best in earning her interest. However, our Kimi was a very smart young lady , her  father had been in the army previously and she was soon to leave for Shillong for her higher  studies .Lawmi was a short and chubby girl who was the life of the quartet. 

Tluanga , on  the other hand, was an intelligent yet shy boy. The protagonist , Rema , was a rather  average boy with courageous views towards life. Amidst this innocent environment, the  tlangvals or the young adults had their minds busy on finding their own way of dealing with  the problems of the village, a plan was made to call in volunteers for the Mizo National  Font(MNF) , a group which would eventually ensure happiness and better lives for their  families.

Rema’s older brother , Lawma , decided to volunteer for the initiative for he so  loved his family and his soon to be wife , Tluangi , who was pregnant with his baby. Pu  Kumar ,the DC , as he was lovingly called by the villagers , or Mr. Kumar finally came to the  small village of Puangpui for his monthly report. A large feast was organised on that day.  But something seemed not okay with Mr Kumar, he had been then ridiculed by a youth ,  Ropuia , for his low effective leadership to the village. It was evening soon, and the day  could have been a little better if the DC‘s friend Pu Nunga would not have ascended to  heaven . The latter was the village’s ex leader and had a lovely relationship with each and  everyone . That peculiar evening was pale . Soon , Kimi left for her higher studies and this  only broke Rema . A few months later, Rema , Tluanga and Lawmi were on the verge of  completing high school when a great uproar happened . Lawma had died just after a few  days of marrying his sweet heart in a very hurried ceremony and the Mizo National  Front was in full force , it had taken over the capital city of Aizawl, and the environment was not the best one could expect . Ropuia , being cunningly evil, ordered Rema to help him in  the assassination of Pu Kumar. He tried to relieve his own hatred towards the DC by  instigating Rema . 

The latter was brought into the plan when the former falsely stated that  Pu Kumar had inappropriately touched Kimi when she was younger .This only angered  Rema and he eventually executed his failed assassination of Pu Kumar . Luckily, some  guards saw Rema and jailed him for months. During his time in jail ,he learned a few Hindi  words and when he finally stepped out of his cell , he was surprised to see the changes . 

The Indian Army was deployed, places no longer looked fruitful and bright. Under excessive  peer pressure , Rema and Tluanga (who almost appeared for the final examination) left their  studies and joined the MNF. Lawmi ,however, continued her higher studies. The troop of  army headed towards the southern part of Aizawl, where they were to conduct some sort of  experiment with handmade bombs . However, the army noticed their actions and ensued  in a battle of survival .

Poor Tluanga died from his wounds and Rema , unknown to anyone,  was left alone in the dark forests. It was raining heavily when Rema finally opened his eyes in  a small village of Lianmari . He could see he had a fractured arm and there was a young and  charming lady sitting beside him .

 On being asked about his situation , it seemed Rema had  been on bed rest for the past 2 months. He stepped out of his bed and all he could see  were countless smiles . He then stayed there helping the villagers with their day to day  activities even after persistence from them for he wasn’t as strong as before . 

Weeks later, it  was indeed a happy time for Rema as he got married with Zohlimi , the lady who took care  of him .It happened all of a sudden as one could certainly see a spark between them .  Rema decided to search for his companions and set out with his wife towards an endless  journey .They finally reached a camp with MNF officers and decided to settle there until  further news.

As happy the situation was with Zohlimi’s pregnancy, the sadder it was as they  were running out with all sorts of basic necessities. They tried hard to keep up with  whatever they had.But fate had already decided everything , Zohlimi died during childbirth . With no more enthusiasm or happiness left in his life, Rema decided to let go off the  entire MNF business and live a sophisticated life. At that particular point of time ,it was  important that his child had proper medication for he was extremely weak. 

Life truly had an  unfair view with Rema , for his only reason lo live , his child, was also taken away from him.  He wondered what would he answer to Zohlimi’s relatives if they ever came asking about  the former. He saw a swarm of lace like butterflies and believing one of them to be Zohlimi ,  he broke down and began asking for forgiveness . On the very evening , MNF had signed  with the Indian Government for the Mizo Accord and all the members related to it were  required to report to Aizawl for their actual jobs to be given by the government . 

They were taken to the destination by jeeps, Rema could see parents and people gathered outside  to commemorate the fallen angels and also enjoy the arrival of their long lost sons. Once  reaching Aizawl , he was thrilled to see Lawmi as one of the nurses assigned for the clinical  searchings and Kimi as one of the officers responsible for the peaceful environment in the  state . 

Pu Kumar had died from a heart attack and as an ex DC of the Puangpui  Village(having forgiven Rema), had ensured that the youth of the village would have a decent  job. He questioned his life. What was he doing compared to his friends? He was awarded a  job in the Department of Health as a peon as well as handed some amount of money. He  bought a brand new radio .

The three friends had a lovely feast that evening, commenting on  Rema’s drastic facial and physical change and mourning the death of Tluanga. Rema  realised that Kimi was married with two kids, Lawmi on the other hand was dating a  gentleman and Ropuia was a teacher in a government school. 

On Lawmi’s advice , Rema  decided to leave for his village wondering if his parents were even alive. Thankfully, they  were and he decided to stay there for a relatively longer holiday . He could see how much of a developed village Puangpui was by then.His father had won a National Level Appreciation  Award for his excellent craftsmanship. His niece was a well known doctor in the village itself.  

“ Apa !” (Daddy in Mizo language ), Bkima shouted . Rema finally snapped out of his deep  nostalgic event with his mind and set out with his family for the regular Sunday Service. He  had finally achieved the dream of having a simple life with only happiness surrounding him.  

(Note- The story is entirely fictional, original and resemblance to any other story is just a  matter of coincidence )